Welcome to Architours

Architours is an architectural tour company based in Toronto, Canada that prides itself on walks and excursions by bus that are as informative as they are entertaining.

We specialize in study tours works of historic and contemporary architects, neighbours and city planning development. Our tours are lead by well known architects, historians and other experts to share their passion and knowledge about buildings and cities.

Tour size is limited to ensure all participants can see and hear the guides, as well as engage in lively, informed and worthwhile discussion. All walks meet at a location convenient to the T.C.C., are about two hours in length and cost $20, payable at the start of the tour (tickets are available one half-hour ahead of the start time, at the starting location of the tour).

We hope to see you on the road! Should you need to get in touch, we can be reached at architourscanada@gmail.com.

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